About Mrs. Ruth's Jams


Mrs. Ruth's Jams are love in a jar!

Mrs. Ruth's Jams began as a way to provide her husband with a supply of strawberry jam.  Her friends began returning jars for refills and asking to buy jam. The defining moment for the beginning of the business was when Mrs. Ruth was caught smuggling her jam into a future customer's shop to enjoy on their amazing breads. They asked Mrs. Ruth to sell in their speciality food shop! specialty food


Mrs. Ruth's Jams are only the good stuff!

Mrs. Ruth's Jams are made the old fashioned way - fruit, cane sugar and pectin cooked in small batches.  We do not use fructose,  preservatives or artificial flavors.  Our artisanal jams are only the good stuff and made with patience - not preservatives.


Mrs. Ruth's Jams are local!

Mrs. Ruth has always enjoyed local produce and visited farmers markets around the world.  We work with  a network of NC farmers to bring their freshest produce to our artisanal jams.  We believe knowing your farmer is a good thing! 

What do our customers say?

Flavor explodes in my mouth!


"I've never had jam taste this fresh!"

Sharing is a problem!


"I had to hide the jar from my kids, husband, wife, roommate, fill in the blank!"

Love in a jar!


"Tastes like Mrs. Ruth made this just for me!"